Diagnosis Clipboard

What is my diagnosis?
Some related questions would be:

  1. How did my injury happen?
  2. Why did my injury occur?
  3. What specific parts of my body are damaged (e.g. joint capsule, ligament, or muscle).

A thorough exam and history will yield an accurate diagnosis.  If more information or testing is needed, then we will let you know.  We will try and answer all of these questions during your first visit.



How much does treatment cost?
The actual number of treatments differs for everyone due to the following:  your condition and its severity, your age, and your ability to follow our recommendations. Keep in mind that the total treatment cost is the cost that you pay for treatment, plus the time that you spend coming to the office (travel costs), plus the time lost from not being able to work (if applicable to you).

We will try and complete your treatments as quickly as possible because we know that you want to get back to playing your sport or return to work so you can do the things hat you want to do.  Getting you better is paramount and we will give you honest answers and provide quality and ethical treatment to both you and your whole family.

If you have insurance coverage, we will be happy to fill out any forms that you require in order to submit your claim.



Will my problem occur again?
Some related questions would be:

  1. What are the treatment options?
  2. What will happen if I do not correct my problem now?
  3. If I do nothing now, will my problem get better, worse, or stay the same?
  4. Can I delay treatment or will I have permanent damage?
  5. Are the treatment options for later?

Many bone and joint problems do not get better with rest alone and some do come back if left untreated. Therefore, it is best to make an appointment to find out if your injury is serious or not.