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Back pain is an extremely common condition. Research shows that 80-90% of the adult population will have back pain in their lifetime. In fact, this research suggests that the percentage would be higher given that many people do not seek help for their condition or simply brush off twinges and aches as symptoms of ‘getting older’. Back pain can be caused by a single incident (sports or falls), wear and tear over time (degeneration), or it can be multifactorial.  Over the last 20 years, research has proven that Chiropractic is one of the best, cost effective, and safest ways to diagnose, treat, and manage back pain.  The research that supports this comes from a variety of sources such as:  medical schools, Chiropractic colleges, insurance companies, and actuaries. Chiropractic therapy is a conservative treatment option and is considered very safe and effective when a proper history and examination are is performed by a qualified Chiropractor.

From a slipped disc to scoliosis, we can help you manage a wide range of conditions
There are many types of back pains and related conditions. There is lower back pain, middle back pain, upper back pain, and even pain from the ribs near the spine. On top of this, there is a diverse range of factors which can contribute to each of these types of conditions. Given the broad array of causes and symptoms which fall into this category, it is crucial that we take a complete past medical history and family history before giving any sort of diagnosis. For example, there have been cases where a patient has had middle back pain, but that middle back pain was not a mechanical pain from the back (muscle spasm, muscle strain). It turned out to be lung cancer that had spread to the spine and ribs, and therefore caused middle back pain as a side effect. Although the majority of cases do not turn out like this, the broad variety of medical conditions which can cause this sort of pain make it important to go over your history and conduct a thorough examination before proceeding with any kind of treatment. In some cases we may not be able to treat you, but we can help you manage your condition and refer you to other healthcare professionals who can. Our back pain care clinic in Singapore is specialized and experienced in treating all kinds of back and spinal disorders without the use of drugs or surgery.

During your visit we will examine your back and other biomechanically related areas (if necessary) to arrive at your diagnosis.  If we need imaging (x-ray or MRI), then we will refer you to an imaging facility. Most patients do not need any imaging at all. It all depends on your history and symptoms.  Our doctors will make the appropriate recommendations for you.

Two of the most common conditions we treat at our back pain care clinic in Singapore are scoliosis and slipped discs. Scoliosis is either a congenital or idiopathic condition which can be diagnosed at our care clinic through physical examination and the use of x-ray. Scoliosis treatment entails a combination of physiotherapy and exercises to change the muscles that support the spine and minimise scoliosis pain.

A slipped disc is a colloquial term for a spinal disc herniation, a physical injury which can occur as a result of particular movements, as well as aging. To be clear, the disc does not actually slip along the bones of the spine. This particular type of injury can be diagnosed based on symptoms, but it is preferred to confirm the diagnosis with MRI imaging, as this is the standard of care. Slipped disc treatment depends on the kind of herniation which has occurred. However, generally a combination of flexion-distraction, spinal manipulation, and physiotherapy is used to manage the injury.

We’ll devise an effective treatment plan that doesn’t involve drugs or surgery

In general, treatment of your back condition depends on what your diagnosis is. For example, there are specific treatments for both upper back and lower back conditions, and they are different from each other. One of the first goals, as in many musculoskeletal injuries, is to reduce pain.  This can be done by using electrotherapy, cold packs, manual techniques, and Chiropractic manipulation called an “adjustment”.  They all work, but work best when used in the proper sequence.  Once the pain has reduced, some core strengthening and flexibility exercises can begin.  Our goal is to restore the structure and function to the back; including its bones, joints, and muscles.  When the back has regained its normal range of motion, strength, and flexibility (including other related areas such as the hips and pelvis), and there is no more pain then we will discharge you from care.  During the course of treatment, you will be given all of the necessary tools and exercises so that you can keep your back strong and healthy.